Posted by: Abu Husaini | March 25, 2014







Oh Allah the Almighty.

We raise our hands to you, full of humility, in awe of Your Greatness Ya Rabb. You are The Greatest and there is none greater than You, You are The Wealthiest, The Most Generous. There is no one else for us to seek from except from You.

Ya Allah, You are All-Seeing, the All-Knowing Ya Allah. There are parched gardens Ya Allah, there are barren lands Ya Allah, there are sources of water that have decreased Ya Allah, and springs that have almost dried up Ya Rabb, and some of Your servants are facing hardship Ya Allah.

Hence we ask from You, please bless us with Your Mercy, let the rain shower upon us as a sign of Your mercy, and please do not let the rain of destruction fall upon us. You are the All-Seeing Ya Allah, forgive our sins Ya Allah, do not torment us because of our sins, we seek and hope for Your forgiveness. Grant every one of us who are present here at the mosque, as well as our families, Your forgiveness. If there are those among us who have ignored their obligations to You, then grant them Your forgiveness Ya Rabb, and awaken in their hearts a sense of remorse and repentance.

Ya Allah, grant Your mercy upon the passengers and crew of flight MH370. Bestow peace and calmness upon their families and friends. Ease the affairs and efforts of all the parties involved in helping them. Strengthen the hearts of everyone affected by this event Ya Allah.


Second Sermon (Istisqa’)

14 March 2014


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