Posted by: Abu Husaini | November 3, 2012

Hasan al-Banna – Peace In Islam

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  • Author : Hassan al-Banna
  • Title : Peace In Islam
  • Genre : Islamic Life
  • Publish : 1948

‘Peace in Islam’ is an essay written by Imam Hasan Al-Banna in 1948 in the monthly magazine known as Shihaab.

It is the right of the new Muslim generation to have access to the writings of this greatHassan Al-Banna reformer; especially on this important topic. The attention of western writers, in particular the orientalists, has been directed at this crucial topic; the majority of them view Islam as a religion which was established and spread by the sword. They are certainly mistaken.

The Imam’s argument in this essay is that Islam is a religion of love and peace, and indeed, the true manifestation of human brotherhood. In an age of violence and instability, this conception of the role of Islam in establishing world peace and human camaraderie, as it did in the past, is needed very much and it is also an inspiring call for mankind.

This book is of two parts, the first part elaborates on the reformist movements in the Islamic World, the causes, then the answer to the question: Is the Islamic threat- a myth or reality? Then he describes the Human Brotherhood concept of Islam.

In the second part, the Imam elaborates on Jihad, and why fighting is allowed in Islam. He defines the purposes of war in Islam and answers the commonly asked question: Was Islam spread by the sword? and what steps Islam has taken in terms of guaranteeing peace.

The Imam, may Allah bless him, shows us that ultimately, and insha’ Allah (God-willing) time will be a witness to this, only Islam can save mankind from itself.



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